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Listen to Alice's fantastic review of our projects, accommodation, and support.   Alice volunteered with us in Summer 2017, and is a student at University of Oxford

Audio Review at   http://www.giveafigvolunteering.com/volunteers-reviews/

Join us in 2017, and 2018

Volunteer Sri Lanka

Government Partnered Education Projects

University & WHO Community Health Projects

 Conservation, and Development Projects

We're a UK non-profit, placing volunteers in government schools, colleges, universities, villages, and orphanages providing you with unique volunteering opportunities in Sri Lanka.

  • We're UK educational experts, training Sri Lankan government teachers.
  • We place volunteers in different English teaching and coaching environments giving you fantastic opportunities to fulfil dreams, build your CV, and make a difference. 
  • Our team of Sri Lanka development experts have managed the development of 3000 villages
  • Our work has been recognised and as of October 2017, we are a separate, Sri Lanka registered NGO, Give A Fig!
  • We work with youth organisations, and universities,
  • Volunteer with confidence - we give you 24 hour, 365 days, 360⁰ support in Sri Lanka.
  • There are no hidden costs, Affordable Volunteering: Priceless Opportunities
  • While volunteering in Sri Lanka, we provide opportunities for you to learn crafts and work with the communities.
  • Take your TESOL Qualification with us, for fun, and for travel.
  • We work in education with one of the world's biggest orphanage charities.
  • Our programmes are from 2 weeks - 1 year, from aged 16 - to over 60,
  • We operate our own accommodation, in excellent surroundings, providing with you high standards throughout your experience

About Us

Hi! We're Paul and Jane, both professional educators and education managers, who set up GAFV after being invited by government to support education in Sri Lanka.

All our volunteering is community initiated - from teaching English in schools and orphanages, to working with turtles, to building toilets. All in a day's volunteering!

You'll love volunteering in Sri Lanka, and you'll have an experience that changes yours and our world.

volunteer Projects

As an education company, we have a unique position of trust in Sri Lanka, and our range of professionally planned and supported projects, can be tailored to suit your outcomes.

Whether teaching monks in their schools and universities, teaching and coaching English in government schools in lessons, or through sports and the arts, or building infrastructure, you will have an amazing experience with unique, and unmissable opportunities.

Aged 16- 70? Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and make a real difference in Sri Lanka.

Join Us In Sri Lanka

With Give A Fig, you'll experience this beautiful safe and incredible tropical island, its people, vibrant culture, festivals, and unique environment from within.

Enjoy our unique programmes with villages and schools, our TESOL, craft and cookery courses, and invitations from the people to join in their festivals and celebrations,

You'll love being here to explore, whether you are here for 2 weeks or 52 weeks, whether you're volunteering as an individual, or in a group, mapping out your own travel, or joining one of our tours, we'll be with you all the way.

Featured Project:

Coach / Teach English in Sri Lanka

Volunteer with confidence. Give A Fig are trusted education partners of the Sri Lankan government.

Boost your CV, develop and use your skills, and make a difference on this amazing placement that is for anyone with an interest in children, Teaching, Teaching English, Teaching English Overseas, and Education in Developing Countries. We welcome complete beginners to those who are retired teachers. 

Use your English language, interests and skills to transform students' opportunities volunteering with them and using English in government schools. All children learn English from age 7, and this is a vital language for their future economic prospects. Your volunteering with them will enable them to use English as a living language, and you will gain genuine international school / English teaching experience, and real knowledge of Education in Developing Countries through this Sri Lankan government Education partnered project. More information.

For more information about our other projects, visit our volunteering project page.

Volunteering Updates from Sri Lanka

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