For a detailed list of our Booking Terms and Conditions, please read the following document:

Give a Fig Booking Terms and Conditions


*Additional Terms and Conditions for our 2017 20% OR 33% Discount Offer

V2 correct as of 22nd April 2017 / updated from V1 posted 29th December 2016

The additional Terms & Conditions of our 2017  offer of 20% or 33% are below, and are in addition to our Standard Booking Terms and Conditions, which you may read by following the link above.

  1. we reserve the right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time
  2. The offer only applies up to and including the first 4 weeks of any programme. Volunteers staying longer will pay the advertised price minus the discount given for the first 4 weeks.
  3. The turtle programme is excluded from this offer 
  4. All programmes must be booked before October 31st 2017, and full payment made in accordance with our Standard Booking T&Cs
  5. In keeping with our discount policy for groups, all discounts will be applied, and monies reimbursed within 3 days of the start of your programme in Sri Lanka, and on confirmation that all qualifying criteria have been fulfilled.
  6. The discount for individuals will be applied on the first invoice.
  7. We are proud of our work, our setup, our management, our support for volunteers, and our transparency.
  8. If you are an employed and recognised leader from an institution or organisation (teacher / school or college manager /  international team coordinator / youth organisation director / youth group leader from a voluntary or faith organisation) sending a group for the first time, and wish to lead one of the Groups in order to meet us first hand, visit our accommodation, assess our programmes, and enjoy Sri Lanka, we will give you 75% off the usual cost of a 2 ,3, or 4 week programme at any time - whether in the discount period or not. A group leader will be in addition to the required numbers making up a group (see below).

  9. Groups not fulfilling the Group Discount criteria below, will automatically benefit from the individual discount:
  • A group is 4 individuals or more.
  • For families, the discount of 20% per person will apply, except where the discount for a child is greater than 20%, then the greater discount will apply.
  • Both Groups, and family leaders will conduct a video interview with us in Sri lanka, which we may use as promotional material.
  • Groups must be the official representatives of an organisation or institution, with the support of that institution.
  • Organisations / institutions include but are not limited to: schools / colleges /medical institutions / universities / youth groups / faith groups / trades unions / business or corporate groups / clubs and organisations e.g Women's Institute / Odd Fellows / Scouts / Girl Guides
  • Proof of support from the institution will be through each of the following means:   1. correspondence to us through that institution's official emails / 2. writing to us on the institution's headed paper / 3. your institution will post information about your visit to GAFV in Sri Lanka and specifically name Give A Fig Volunteering on your institution's website / social media prioir to joining us in Sri Lanka, as well as write ups of the experiences after the period of volunteering with us has ended.. / 4. Your institution will post links to our FB page and website on the social media posts, as well as in any newsletters.