Bus Advice:

to the Fig and Gecko and Beyond

To the Fig and Gecko and beyond!

Map showing the bus stops for the Fig and Gecko  (A1, & B1, 150 metres from us, at Mahinda School, as well as Bus Stops labelled A2, and B2, 500 m form us at Jaffna Junction),

Bus stops (B1 & B2) are for Anuradhapura town

and Bus Stop A1 is for

Colombo Fort (via Kurunegala) Dambulla (& Sigiriya), Kandy (& Ella), Polonnaruwa (Habarana, & Arugam Bay), Trincomalee, 

and Bus Stop B2 is for Jaffna

Arriving at the Fig and Gecko by bus from:

Arugam Bay / Polonnaruwa / Trincomalee / Dambulla / # 15 Colombo via kurunegala, & Dambulla / some Kandy buses

You will enter Anuradhapura from the west,

alight at Mahinda School (ask the conductor - Mahinda school / scholay ./ college), or the next stop, Jaffna Junction.

(the bus will turn left at Jaffna Junction roundabout to head into Anuradhapura)  

Head back in the direction you came from, We are the second small road BEFORE the petrol station, which is on a corner. 

Anuradhapura to Arugam Bay

Journey length: approx 9 hours

Your journey begins 100 yards from the Fig and Gecko on the #75 bus to Pollonaruwa, which arrives at approx 05:25.

You'll arrive at the Pollonaruwa Bus Stand at approx 07:45, and then you need to get the #48 to Kalmunai, which leaves at 08:25, and arrives at Kalmunai around noon.

At 12:30, you leave on the bus to Pottuvil (# unknown), arriving there at about 14:00

Check the times of the return bus with the inspector's office before leaving the bus stand.

From there you get a tuk tuk to Arugam Bay (cost approx LKR 200)  

Arugam Bay to Anuradahapura

Journey length: approx 9 hours

Reverse the journey. You could catch a bus from Pottuvil at about 09:00 ish.

Anuradhapura to Habarana (for the afternoon elephant safari)

Journey length: allow 2 hours

At the bus stop close to the Fig and Gecko, catch the 11:30 bus to Polonnaruwa, and stop at Habarana.

There is a bus to Dambulla from the same stop, from where you can get a connecting bus to Habarana / Pollonaruwa / Trincomalee / Kandy / Colombo. 

Regular buses from this stop take you to Kandy, and Colombo via Dambulla.

At the bus stop by the petrol shed, in Harbarana, you will see safari jeeps. You will need to be there - depending upon where the elephants are - from 13:30,

Habarana to Anuradhapura

Journey length: allow 2 hours

after 18:00, you will need to make your way by bus to Dambulla, as there are fewer buses to Anuradhapura in the evening from Habarana.

Then by bus from Dambulla to Anuradhapura

At times, the safari guide may drop you in Polonnaruwa, depending on where he is heading home, where you may be able to catch a bus to Anuradhapura.

Anuradhapura to Kandy: A/C Bus

The A/C bus to Kandy leaves the Long Service (Old) Bus Station every 30 minutes on the half, and on the hour, from 04:00 - 18:00

It stops at the bus stop opposite Mahinda School. Cost: LKR 350

Anuradhapura to Matara

You have 2 options

Option 1:

Private Gunesekara semi-luxury #69 bus leaving the Private Long Service Bus Stand 'each night at  22:00 arriving at 06:00 - taking about 8 hours

Cost ? (probably a liitle more than Option 2)

Option 2:

Go to the Old Bus Stand and catch the red SLTB #69 bus

Leaving at 22:15 and taking 8 - 9 hours hours to reach Matara

Cost LKR 650

Anuradhapura To Polonnaruwa

Direct buses to Polonnaruwa leave from the stop on the main road opposite Mahinda School, 100 yards from the  Fig and Gecko daily. 

Buses leave the bus station at:

05:30, 08:30, and 11:30.

Be at the bus stop by 05:20, 08:20, and 11:20, just in case. 

Anuradhapura to Thanthirimale

Thanthirimale is both a beautiful scenic site, as well as a religious and archaeological site, which is well worth going to. It is off the beaten track, and not on the tourist radar. You are able to step off the bus and into the site.

A blue private bus leaves the New Bus Station at 10am. (there are other buses, including SLTB red busses too, which we shall update as the information is clear) for Thanthirimale.

The journey takes 2 hours. The fare is LKR 100

Buses from Thanthirimale to Anuradhapura leave Thanthirimale at 13:30, 15:30, and I believe, 17:30.

Be at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before, as these times are approximate.  


Anuradhapura to Trincomalee

Go out of the Fig and Gecko to the main road, and turn right. 50 yds down the road is a bus stand.

Direct buses to Trincomalee leave Anuradhapura New Town Bus station at 07:50, and 11:45 daily. Be at the bus stop / bus stand above before this time, just in case! 

At other times catch the bus to Horowputhana (every 30 minutes) at the same bus stop, and on arrival, I have been told that yiu get on the Trincomalee, bus 200 metres down the road.

You can catch a bus at the same bus stand via Dambulla to Kandy / to Colombo), or to Polonnaruwa via Habaraba. You can then catch a bus to Trincomalee from Dambulla or Habarana.