CMB to the Fig and Gecko, and Return


By Bus

Journey length: approx 4 - 5 1/2 hours

From the Airport

Leaving the airport, take a tuk tuk from outside on the main road (expect to pay approx LKR 300) to Junction 18, of the Colombo - Negombo Main Road, approx 2 KM,

At Junction 18, turn right to go north, under the flyover. Some tuk tuk drivers will try to take you to the left to a bus stop before the underpass. Going north, approximately 100, on the left you will see a green bus shelter, which is opposite Ranka Food, which has a rectangular white sign about 50 foot in the air.  

Here you can catch the #87 to Jaffna (or other places north of Anuradhapura) or a # 4 (destination Mannar) via Anuradhapura. The cost is approx LKR 400 (£2). If the conductor says no, when you say 'Anuradhapura?' even though the bus is a # 04 or a #87 then wait for the next bus. (Explanation of route #ing is on this page)   

Both the # 4 and # 87 will drop you at Jaffna Junction, which is a 5 minute walk form the roundabout to our hostel.

Or from Jaffna Junction, get a tuk tuk at the roundabout to our Fig and Gecko Hostel - approx LKR 60-100.


Journey length: approx 4 - 5 1/2 hours

From Anuradhapura's Old/Long Service (long distance) bus stand/station next to the petrol; shed/station, Catch a #4, which originates inside the bus station, or a # 87, which stops briefly outside on the road, Both busses drop you at Junction 18, the airport junction at Negombo.

Bus #4 Departure times from A'pura  Long Service, Old Bus Stand

08: 15 /  09:15 / 10:10 / 11:15 / 12:15 / 13:15 / 14:00 / 14:30 / 15:00 / 15:45 (RS 350 / 400)

You can travel by bus on the same day to the airport, but leave earlier than you need to (this applies equally to trains, but if travelling by train, I would leave the day before). Usually, the bus journey goes without hitch, but if there is a hitch, you can always jump on the next bus. That is less easy with a train.

After 18:00, the # 4 starts from the Old Market, leaving there at 18:15,



By Train

The nearest train station to CMB airport, Katunayake South, is approximately 1 KM, It is named Katunayaka Airport on the Sri Lanka Train Schedule Online . If in doubt, check the train times from Katunayake, which is the next station north.

Take the train to Colombo Fort, then change, and go on to Anuradhapura. 

Alternatively, take a bus from the Katunayake Bus Station (get there by tuk tuk) to Colombo Fort, and then by train to us. Or a taxi - approximately LKR 3,500

By far the easiest way to travel to us is on the #4 bus. See above.



The easiest way to get to destinations in Colombo, or destinations close to the airport is by taxi. You can download the app 'Pick Me' and choose a taxi, which will collect you. A small taxi can be hired for as little as LKR 32/KM, larger ones for LKR 45 / km. Expect to pay about LKR 3,500 (plus RS 300 toll) to be dropped in Mount Lavinia by the airport car and drivers, Negombo may set you back LKR 2,000 / £12, or less by 'Pick Me'.

We can arrange a hire car and driver to meet you at the airport and take you to Colombo destinations, or local destinations.

To my knowledge, 'Pick Me' does not operate outside the Colombo area

Airport pickup

Should you wish to be met at the airport and be brought to Anuradhapura, we can arrange this.

A car and driver will cost LKR 14,500 / £75, divided between the number of occupants (up to 3, to allow for luggage) at the time.

A mini bus will cost LKR 22,000 / £115 / divided by the number of people, which will be 4 and over.