Getting to and from cmb

Although buses to and from Colombo stop outside CMB, and the train is a short taxi drive, there is no signage for public transport, nor obvious means to get to them. You can walk out of the airport to the (visible) main road and flag down a tuk tuk, or ask a taxi inside to take you to local destinations.

There are no shortage of taxi options in the airport arrivals area, and expect to be stopped by one or more operators asking if you want to hire one. Remember to haggle. You may get one for LKR 3,000. from 3,500


By bus

Follow this link for information about getting to Anuradhapura by bus from CMB, and vice versa.

Follow this link for information about getting to Colombo Fort (central/main) train station and vice versa by the 187 bus between 05:30 - 18:30.

It may be that private 187s (buses share route numbers) run all night, but this I will need to confirm.



By Train

The nearest train station, approximately 2 KM from CMB, is Katunayake South, which also seems to be named Katunayaka Airport on the Sri Lanka Train Schedule Online . The former does not appear on the train schedule, whilst the latter does, but has no results when searched.

Therefore, my advice would be to search for Katunayake, the station prior to Katunayke South, and work out your train to Colombo Fort from there. As you have to go past Katunayake South in a taxi, you can pop in to see whether or not it's 'open', and decide whether to stay there or drive the extra few KMs to Katunayake itself. The cost of a taxi may well be about LKR 2,000, and it should be about LKR 500. If this is the case, you may wish to consider paying an extra LKR 1,500 and going by taxi to Colombo Fort.

Once you have worked out your train from Katunayake, you can match the connecting train from Colombo Fort to your destination.

It will be possible for us to buy you train tickets in advance from Colombo Fort train station, but we have to use a third party, and this will incur a cost of LKR 1,500. We cannot guarantee seats or bookings, and we will of course let you know immediately. The other problem is that we cannot guarantee you making your train on time, due to traffic, hold ups, plane delays, customs etc.



The easiest way to get to destinations in Colombo, Colombo Fort, or destinations close to the airport is by taxi. Expect to pay about LKR 3,500 to be dropped in Mount Lavinia, and you will be expected to pay the toll of LKR 300 too. Negombo will set you back LKR 2,000 / £12.

We can arrange a taxi for you to be met at the airport and taken to Colombo destinations, or local destinations.

Airport pickup

Should you wish to be met at the airport and be brought to Anuradhapura, we can do this.

A car and driver will cost LKR 14,000 / £75, divided between the number of occupants (up to 3, to allow for luggage) at the time.

A mini bus will cost LKR 22,000 / £115 / divided by the number of people, which will be 4 and over.