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Our infrastructure projects are for groups of 2 or more only, and could involve:

  • Building improvement
  • Building renovation
  • Toilet building
  • Toilet and shower building
  • House building
  • Organic farming infrastructure development
  • House well building
  • Agro well building
  • Water treatment plants
  • building pre-schools / community centres
  • Equipping pre-schools
  • Turtle sanctuary infrastructure improvement
  • build a gabion sea wall at the turtle sanctuary

Project Details

We work in a number of villages around Anuradhapura: one village of 50 households has no toilets, and one village of 400 households have 50 houses without toilets. The toilets we build all have their own cess pits to ensure that contamination of the surrounding area does not occur. It can be the case that neither schools nor hospitals have adequate toilet or water facilities, and these may be supported by us too. We have already improved one temple’s toilets and shower facilities, which was necessary due to the growing use of the temple and lack of facilities. Water treatment plants also need to be installed in the villages, schools and hospitals, and villages need agro-wells to support the development of agriculture during the dry season.

The turtle village, which does a fantastic job protecting the turtles and educating local fishermen about the importance of the turtles to fishing, needs support to improve its facilities.

Building a village community centre supports pre-school education, as well as English language education after school, and provides a communla area for the local people.


The better the infrastructure, the better the quality of life, and health of all of those where these facilities are needed.

Your work with and on behalf of our project partners will not only change their lives, but will have a profound impact upon yours, and upon that of the other volunteers, or your group with whom you work.


In addition to our standard prices for individuals there will be additional costs:

  • The costs of the materials used for a small project - specified on our donations page - such as a toilet.
  • The cost towards an ongoing project - such as building a pre-school.
  • The daily wages of the workman/men who will be supporting you,
  • Transport by mini-van or car to the location (please see our project pricing page).
  • the cost of an additional meal each day onsite.


In and around Anurdhapura



those interested in:

  • team / family building experiences
  • seeing the practical results of their work
  • knowing that their direct donations have been spent on a project of their choice.
  • getting involved with a community and culture

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