An Internship with us in Sri Lanka

We offer three (3) internships simultaneously, each for between 12- 52 weeks.

one (1) internship will be without cost to the intern

we expect this to be in a management capacity to develop both your skills and our work here.

two (2) internships will cost each intern *£250 / calendar month

  • covering food, accommodation, and 24 hour support
  • (food & accommodation in Sri Lanka cost budget travellers between £350-£500/28 days)

These Internships are designed to enable you and us to make progress with our respective aims..

Our three (3) areas for Internship

  1. Hospitality, Hostel Management, Catering, and Tourism Development  
  2. English Language, & German Language Teaching, and Project Support
  3. Infrastructure Building Work, & NGO Development

Any combinations of the above

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Your costs, in addition to your monthly fee for accommodation

your visas - Entry Visa (£45), and Residence Visa (£100) plus visa admin Fee (£60) (The visa admin fee must be paid in advance).

Interns will receive from us:

  • 7 days / week accommodation at the Fig and Gecko's hostel or staff accommodation
  • 7 days breakfast at the Fig and Gecko
  • 7 days evening meal or lunch at the Fig and Gecko
  • Full support during your time in Sri Lanka
  • After 12 weeks of Internship, we will repay the cost of your Entry Visa (£45)
  • After 38 weeks of Internship we will give you £200, a contribution to your flight to us
  • After 52 weeks of Internship we will give you a further £200, a contribution to your return flight
  • After 52 weeks of internship, we shall repay to you the cost of your Residence Visa

Without Flights, you will pay us a total of £3,610

Should you volunteer for 52 weeks, we shall repay to you £605

*This sum does not include personal living expenses, any transport at any time, nor any food or accommodation purchased away from the Fig and Gecko



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  • Aged 21 - 60
  • A clear focus on what you'd like to achieve from your internship, how it can help us and how we can help you.
  • Outgoing, friendly, adaptable, patient, focussed, an initiator
  • To be willing to teach and coach English in a variety of settings
  • Excellent English skills, for writing and communication
  • To be willinging to work without supervision, and to be able to set your own goals and outcomes within the remit of the post
  • excellent timekeeping
  • To be willing to stand in and support our operations outside of your normal volunteering hours, should the need require it.  
  • To be the representative and ambassador of Give A Fig Volunteering. Give A Fig NGO, and the Fig and Gecko
  • To take on the role of manager alongside our Sri Lankan manager
  • To encourage guests of the Fig and Gecko,as well as our volunteers, to post on social media on our behalf.
  • To post regular updates yourself on our social media pages and blog in order to raise our profile
  • To have had all of the UK Foreign Office advised inoculations prior to joining us in Sri Lanka.
  • To have signed our letter of voluntary agreement (see below under Internships Overview), which also acknowledges that you have read and accepted our booking terms and conditions
  • To have your own  travel insurance, which covers volunteering

Role opportunities and expectations

Interns will have the opportunity:

  • to work with young people in a variety of settings
  • to support tourists who stay at Fig and Gecko make the most of their time with us in Sri Lanka
  • to support our volunteers and to help them to make their project placements a success 
  • to develop the skills to work with people in a  very different culture, skills that can be transferred to any setting  
  • to take on a management role to  varying degrees


Internship Conditions Overview

  • Internships are from 4 - 52 weeks
  • Other than planned days off, and public holidays (Sri Lanka has the highest number in the world), you may have 5 days free for every 12 weeks / 54 days volunteered, to be taken as agreed, depending upon the focus of your Internship..
  • The Internship is unsalaried, and each party shall sign a letter agreeing to the above conditions, with amendments as negotiated, to show that we have entered into a non-binding voluntary agreement. 



We can support you to gain a TESOL / TEFL qualification, up to 250 Hours, which you can find out about here.


If you think we might be right for each other, click the Apply Today Button and begin a conversation with us