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IT / VOcational Training


There are many opportunities to work with us to pass on a range of vocational skills in Sri Lanka, whether they be in:

  • building
  • mechanics
  • IT
  • tailoring
  • the hospitality, tourism, and catering industry

There are many vocational courses here, and the government is keen to expand them, they would greatly benefit from the input of western practices to support their wider learning, as well as learning English to support their opportunities for employment.   

About our Vocational Projects

You can use your Vocational skills in a number of ways, from teaching alongside college lecturers in a range of fields, to working with hotel and catering industry students at our accommodation, which will help them to develop better practices to help secure their employment. You could also work in orphanages to support of the skills of the children who live there, depending upon the resources.

Any programme can be delivered through English with the support of the teacher / lecturer, and so you will also be supporting the students acquisition of language skills. IT skills will also support the learning of English, which will require participants to have completed at least a 20 hour TESOL course so that you are aware of the grammar that they have been taught in schools.

The minimum time on a vocational teaching programme is 4 weeks


Vocational skills, with English, are key for people and communities in today’s Sri Lankan society. 

This is an excellent opportunity for people with these skills to volunteer in Sri Lanka and to make an impact on communities.





  • Those with vocational skills and experience, who wish to use them to support the training of others.
  • Those who'd like to work in another culture.

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