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Teach monks in the sacred city of Anuradhapura. We teach child monks from 8- 18 in their schools. monks and nuns in their temples, and lecturers and students at the only state funded Buddhist university in the world. The students are appreciative  – and you can make a real difference to the effect these community leaders have on their communities. This is an amazing opportunity to really get to know a community, make contacts across the island and work with a unique group of people in a welcoming environment.

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About Teaching Monks and Nuns

Unlike other Asian countries Sri Lankan monks take a vow for life. Some choose to join the community as monks and nuns later in life, but in our experience, most have been monks since childhood.

Each Sunday morning in temples across Sri Lanka, buddhist monks and nuns teach the knowledge of buddhism, ethics, and when possible, English. For many of the rural poor, and due to a lack of government English teachers, this may be the only English language education these children have, which is a way out of poverty for them.


The monks are important teachers and leaders of Sri Lankan society, educating the young and supporting and guiding the people. Teaching them English and conversing with them will help them to fulfil their vital role in Sri Lankan and global society. It will also help you develop your skills, knowledge, and support your CV.


Anuradhapura, Anuradhapura's Sacred City, at village and urban monasteries and nunneries.

PERFECT FOR  those interested in:

  • Buddhism
  • travel
  • Teaching / Teaching English to children and students aged 8-18
  • Community Development
  • Working at University Level
  • TESOL/TEFL Training/TESOL experience in major institutions
  • Loving Sri Lanka, experiencing a beautiful tropical country.

Interested? Apply today!