Our Headquarters

Give A Fig Volunteering are based in the wonderful rural town of Anuradhapura, for 1000 years, Sri Lanka's ancient capital, and the present day apex of the Cultural Triangle, Our town is a major site of Buddhist pilgrimage throughout the year, and hosts many festivals, including one, the Poson festival, attracting 1.5 million pilgrims each June. The Sri Maha Bodhi tree in the scared city is the oldest cultivated tree in the world, grown from a cutting of the tree in India, under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. 

We actually chose Anuradhapura for more practical reasons. Located two thirds of the way up the island in the dry zone, its year round warm sunny climate, and short rainy season makes it an ideal spot for those wishing to have some good weather. It has good road and rail links to the rest of the country, and importantly, lies half way between the east and west coasts so that when one coast is under the monsoon, you just go to the other coast to enjoy the beach, whale watching, and swimming.

Anuradhapura enjoys clean air and lacks the pollution associated with Colombo and Asian cities, and offers a wide range of project opportunities.   Civet cats (seen at night in car headlights), fishing cats (seen if you know when and where), monitor lizards, all live within the city, and jackals, and I'm told, pythons live in the sacred city. Turtles, giant squirrels, birds, owls, live around our streets, and the monkeys come to our garden almost daily.

Of course, the Sri Lankan people, and our partners, are welcoming and supportive, and will ensure that you have a time you'll never forget - for all the right reasons.

Our Location

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4o metres from the pin at 327 Trincomalee Road, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


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