Our HQ and accommodation: the Fig and Gecko


Our commitment to you Anuradhpaura, our work here, and our staff and volunteers  has led us to renovate one of Anuradhapura's oldest and finest houses, a 1930s property now set in an acre of land. With mango and rare fruit trees, visited by troops of monkeys, giant squirrels, mongoose, lizards, tortoise, and hornbills by day, and a great owl, fruit bats, and civets by night, Fig and Gecko is the HQ of Give A Fig Volunteering, Give A Fig NGO, a language, education, and cultural centre; a place where we teach English, and soon, young people studying hospitality and catering, and tourism from overseas and Sri Lanka can gain real experience through working in our hostel. People in the Anuradhapura area wishing to study for IELTS, have the opportunity to meet and speak English with people from all over the world, giving you a fantastic opportunity to meet the local population and find out about Sri Lanka. Everything that we do as a non-profit volunteering company is thought through and linked together to support development.

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What you can expect:

  • Projector room
  • wi fi 4g
  • Clean sheets and towels.
  • washing machine
  • indoor games (board games)
  • space to chill/study/relax
  • safety: fire escape/fire extinguishers/fire alarms
  • Lockers for your belongings
  • excellent accommodation,
  • good food
  • Thursday night Sari and Buffet Night
  • filtered cooking and drinking water on tap
  • good service from our trainees
  • solar heated hot water in your showers and sinks
  • Toilet paper. (This is not standard in Sri Lankan homes or hotels catering for locals.

What accommodation does your payment include?

Your volunteering with Give A Fig includes half board in our bunk bed accommodation in our Fig and Gecko Hostel for 4 days/week. Most people like to go away weekends, and so we charge extra for your room on the weekends, at our published rates. If you fully vacate your room for us on these days, (we will lock up your cases and equipment) we will reimburse you the cost of the B&B accommodation - at the end of each weekend, or at the end of your volunteering - at the price you paid.

We have plenty of chill out space in the accommodation, both inside and outside, and a lovely garden to sit in, which is well presented, clean, and well maintained. 

Our Standard Accommodation

Our standard accommodation is bunk bed accommodation in either an 8 bed female dorm, or an 8 bed male dorm.

Bunk bed roobicle in the Fig and Gecko

We have 5 twin bed roobicles, for which we charge an additional £2.oo/night for the roobicle.

Ensuite in the Fig and Gecko

You are welcome to book our twin ensuite, which will cost an additional £5 /night.

Accommodation preferences

  • Due to the conservative nature of Sri Lankan society, our dorms are for single sex occupancy.
  • Couples may request twin rooms.
  • Group accommodation may be discussed prior to booking and a range of options are possible.

Self-Catering Bungalows in Colombo

At times we offer self-catering bungalows for 2 sharing, 100 yards from Colombo’s most popular beach.