"If it's not worth doing well, it's not worth doing at all."

Paul's dad

Standards Drive Our Long Term Vision For The People We Work With

Dads say a lot of things, but those words stuck with me, and guides us in all we do. Yes, doing things well takes longer, and costs more in terms of finance and time in time in the short term, but it costs far less and achieves far more in the long term. Our aim is to support communities and individuals who are able to support themselves and make decisions out of choice, not because they have no others. The results of our work are long, not short term, and we are able to create foundations that can be built upon, and is more adaptable over time to community initiated development. Our donations page (CLICK HERE) tells the stories that highlight the ways in which we are raising money and supporting people to develop their lives and look after their piece of the planet for the good of us all.

Standards Drive Our Vision For Working With Our Volunteers

Whether it's providing excellent accommodation for you, supporting you on your projects, or planning your activities, we will do our best for you, so that you are able to do your best for those you volunteer with and for. We are on hand 24 hours a day for your support, because If you are happy and supported in your work, it is more likely that you will engage enthusiastically with your volunteering or internship.

Year Out Group, and BS8848 

We .comply with UK and Sri Lankan legislation, are the first associate members of Year Out Group, and are on our way to meeting the voluntary BS8848 standards set by the UK BSI for activities overseas.

Materials and equipment

Where your work is outdoors and physical, we provide safety equipment (you may need to bring certain items of kit, which we will tell you of in the Project Manual). Where you are engaged in teaching or coaching, you will be supported by our educational partner in Sri Lanka, Elmdene British Academy, and provided with training, materials, lesson plans and guidance for lesson delivery.

Whether on a placement or touring the country, we’re here to support you as much or as little as you wish.

Your 4 day week

Your 4 day working week (4 days on / 4 days off / 4 days on / 2 days off) is designed to give you the opportunity for long weekends to explore Sri Lanka, relax, study, go to the beach or swimming pool, plan programmes, lessons, work on your own courses – or anything else you choose.

Supporting us

We trust that you will be so impressed with Give A Fig and your volunteering experiences with us in Sri Lanka, that you may want to support us or work for us in the future, either in the UK recruiting volunteers, or in Sri Lanka in education, conservation, development, and managing GAFV Projects.