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Our projects

Each of our tailored project opportunities operate to high standards of planning and support, in conjunction with fully professional, longstanding governmental, international charity, and established local Sri Lankan organisations. Each of our volunteering projects may be tailored and focussed, according to your own preference, which may be at career enhancing professional, and vocational  involvement, or engagement and experiences. Our Volunteering Project placements last 2-51 weeks, and our shortest project, which may be committed to over 2 days, is working with the Turtle Hatchery we support, which is in addition to any other 2 week project you wish to take part in.


TESOL courses

We have teamed up with Teach Global English to offer you accredited 20 - 250 hour online TESOL courses to enable you to make the most of your teaching experiences here. We will happily talk you through each TESOL course, and will make suggestions to you based upon the projects you wish to do, what you hope to gain from the project, and your possible future plans.


Sri Lankan Government Youth Exchange

On behalf of the Sri Lankan government we are offering 10 day youth exchanges. These run twice yearly for 10 youth, and a group leader, in each group. aged 14-19 (school age), and 18-29 (university / college age). The exchange, may be carried out in conjunction with a Give A Fig Volunteering project.


VACANCIES and internships

Check out this page for current job vacancies, as well as our 3 -12 month internships. Your gateway to experiencing a whole new world.



100% of the money you donate is spent in Sri Lanka, which changes lives, gives people choices, and supports the foundations upon which they may build a better future, and a self-sustaining environment.


Project Pricing

Find our range of Project Pricing here, including discounts for groups of 2 or more.


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