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SOS (INternational) Children's Villages PRESCHOOL TEACHING


This is a fantastic opportunity to work with an international charity, our non-profit, & NGO, and teach in the pre-school of the international orphanage charity that we support, You will work in 4 classes, 4 days a week, teaching English to children through songs, rhymes and games, for an hour in 2 classes a day. 

Form mid morning, you will be free to work with primary age children in government schools.

About Pre-School Teaching

The children you teach are amongst the fortunate ones, receiving a pre-school education, vital for early years development, and the best age to take on a language. Many children in rural areas do not receive pre-school education in rural areas due to a lack of pre-schools, which are not government funded. Rural people are unable to pay the pre-school fees, and as a consequence, pre-school owners cannot open there as they make no money to pay wages, rent, or bills.

The education company we are partnered with is licensed to establish pre-schools in the area, and is working at doing so by supporting trained pre-school teachers to set up in rural areas where there are no pre-schools. Supported by us, and you, we can bring vital early years education to children in the rural areas that we work in, developing best practice, as well as teaching English to the staff who run the schools.


The benefits of structured learning and language experiences at an early age are well documented – and the years before 5 are optimal for language learning.

You will play a vital role in supporting teachers and teaching pre-schools in local pre-schools, and the rural pre-schools we are establishing.


This project takes place in and around Anuradhapura



Participants benefiting from this placement include those interested in:

  • working with international charities / NGOs / as teachers 

Those who are:

  • teachers / trainee teachers / thos considering teaching as a career
  • people who like to work with children
  • Social workers / charity workers
  • looking for an adventure in Sri Lanka

Interested? Apply today!