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GAFV are proud to be education partners of the Sri Lankan government, training Sri Lankan government English teachers, and placing overseas volunteer teachers and language assistants in  government schools in rural and urban communities. We also teach in the pirivenas, which are government schools for monks.

Teach English in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, each child from age 8 (6 in some schools) is taught English in schools. Your volunteering here will be fully supported by us, providing you with the materials and knowledge to use with the Sri Lankan teachers in the classrooms. You could teach in a range of schools, or just one, across the range of ages, or focusing on an age group. You could teach English as a subject, hold guided conversations, and teach English through coaching arts or sports.


Your teaching and coaching of the children through English will help to bring the language alive for them, making it more enjoyable, practical, and significantly increasing the pupils chances of exam success. Opportunities for employment, as well as university entrance are increased. Your English speaking, coaching and teaching will change lives.

Each person will have a certificate of completion signed by the Sri Lankan province's government Education Department, GAFV, and Elmdene British Academy.


Our support for you will enable you to enjoy and make the most of this teaching experience, To benefit from our support, and to make a difference in schools you will need:

  • 2 week minimum placement
  • To be a first, or native Language English speaker, or have a good command of spoken English

2-4 Weeks Teacher / Coach Volunteering

To support your confidence and knowledge base in teaching English, we ask you to complete a 20 hour TEFL basics course before joining us, which is explained here.

The cost, before discount is £45, which you may find out more about here

5-12 Weeks Teacher / Coach Volunteering

  • a Level 2 Course (or its equivalent) completed to a level 2 equivalent before you join us in Sri Lanka. (The Level 3 course allows you to step up to a Level 5 course should you wish to, rather than begin form the start again).

13 - 26 Weeks:Teacher / Coach Volunteering

  • a 150 hour Level 4 course (or its equivalent).

Study Your TESOL with us

We are partnered with Global English (GE) who provide our TESOL courses..

You may study with any TESOL  provider you wish, provided you have completed your studies before joining us.

If you are considering a TESOL Career, or simply hoping to use TESOL to travel you should consider studying either a GE Level 3 course (which gives access to the  GE Level 5 course), or a GE 250 hour Level 5 course. You may also study their equivalents with any TESOL provider of your choice.

If you choose the GE, you will need to complete the Level 2 before joining us in Sri Lanka. We have partnered with Global English as the qualifications are fully accredited, reasonably priced, and fully supported by us, and GE. If you hope to make teaching TESOL a career, or a way to move around the world, then we recommend the Level 5 course.

GE offer a 10% discount to those applying with the TESOL Voucher code: GAFV.

If you wish to be assessed and supported on the GE 20 hours certificated Practical Teaching compnent, which will enhance your future employability, we are able to do so for those staying longer than 13 weeks at the cost of this course, plus £180 for our observation, and management.

Anyone wishing to stay up to 24 weeks will have to sit this practical course, and upon successful completion of the course will be reimbursed £120 of the cost of the 20 hour observed Practical teaching component.

If you choose to stay with us for 1 year, you will also be reimbursed 50% of the cost you paid to TGE for the 20 Hour Practical Teaching course.



This Project is located in the Anuradhapura area,



Participants benefiting from this placement include:

  • Individuals /  groups

  • teachers

  • Trainee teachers

  • Education MA / PhD students interested in studying education in the developing world.

  • Teachers wishing to move into international education

  • Teachers / trainees needing experience to put onto their CVs, and increase their employability

  • TESOL teachers in need of further experience 

  • Art / photography / crafts / handiwork skills / construction work,

  • those interested in teaching / cultures / overseas work with a non-profit and an NGO /  

  • Those wanting a unique, safe, and well structured community experience;

  • Teaching / TEFL teaching; social work, health professionals;

  • Social anthropology;

  • Sustainable development; ecology, agriculture.


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