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   "Develop ability, create opportunity ... and promote people’s economic independence".                                                                                                                 GAFV Mission Statement

"Develop ability, create opportunity ... and promote people’s economic independence".

                                                                                                          GAFV Mission Statement


We work with 2 orphanages in and around Anuradhapura, as well as with Buddhist temples, where child monks, and nuns live. In all, there are 9 orphanages in Anuradhapura, 7 are operated by the government.

1. The International Charity's Orphanage

The orphanage is one of six in Sri Lanka, and operated by an international charity that has orphanages in 134 countries. Each of their Sri lankan  orphanages house up to 140 children, and is well resourced, and funded through a number of channels.

Our primary supporting role with this orphanage is to teach English across the age ranges, from pre-school to 19. English is vital for these students, and whilst the majority of urban children attend school in the morning, and tutoring in the afternoon, the children on the orphanage attend school only, where they are typically in classes of up to 55. 

We also support the charity's outreach programmes in villages through teaching on their village teaching programmes, which have been established to ensure that children are not abandoned by their communities when parents go overseas to work or, like so many Sri Lankans, work in towns away from home for much of the month,

2. The Anglican Church Orphanages

The second orphanage that we support is run by the Anglican community in Sri Lanka, which has 3 orphanages. The one we work with in Anuradhpaura provides a home for 20 girls aged 6-18, and was begun by a Christian missionary over 100 years ago. This orphanage is sustained by the contributions of the parishioners, who are few, widely scattered, and generally poor.

Our roles here are to:

  • Teach the girls English / maths / Science
  • Provide arts / drama / and vocational coaching
  • Raise funds to improve or rebuild their declining or unusable infrastructure
  • Recruit full time volunteer staff to live and work here for up to a year as wardens, and teachers.


3. The Buddhist Temples

We currently teach and coach English at 2 buddhist temples: one, a monastery housing 13 child monks, The second, a nunnery, housing 12 nuns and 6 child nuns.

Buddhist temples provide homes for many children, who we have found are there for a variety of reasons. Not all children at the temples become monks and nuns, but it is a privilege to support all of them, as well as the monks who make such a positive contribution to their society.

The village temples are supported by the villagers, who provide food for the monks, as well as support according to their means.

Project Details

The International Charity's  Orphanage Project

This is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the inspirational work of GAFV and a major international orphanage charity. We teach the children of their kindergarten English, as well as the staff and children from primary ages to 19.

The 140 children aged from 3-19 live in houses of 10, supported by 20 staff. We see how effective and caring the setup is, and we know from speaking with adults who were once children there of the positive foundation this charity’s work has built in their lives.

Your work, which is in Anuradhapura, will be full time, will involve teaching children aged from pre-school - 19, as well as teaching staff, 4 days / week. During the School Holidays (April / August / December), we run holiday clubs in the village.

The minimum time for a placement with SOS on this project is 3 months. You will be required to complete at least a 120 hour TEFL course to give you a foundation for the supported teaching you will do.

The Anglican Church's Orphanage

This project can be undertaken as a part of any other teaching project, as the girls are in school in the morning, and you would teach them in the afternoon. You can also spend time here coaching them in skills, and leading arts and vocational activities. This programme could be built around your particular interests.


The English teaching you’ll provide, along with any others skills, will enable the children to develop their English, which significantly improves their chances of successfully living independently after 19


These Projects are located in, and close to the rural town of Anuradhapura, North Central Province.



Participants benefiting from this placement include:

  • Individuals / pairs

Those interested in:

  • Art / crafts / drama / sports

  • Teaching and coaching

  • Social work / community building

  • Trainee teachers / people interested in working with children / in the charity sector / in social care.


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