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Dient als freiwillige und unterrichtet Deutsch in Sri Lanka

TEACH German IN sri Lankan Schools

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This is our most popular Sri Lankan volunteering project, and has offered opportunities for anyone who speaking English - aged from 16 to 60, those who have just left school, to those who have been professional teachers - to really engage with the Sri Lankan culture and people, and have an amazing time.

Sri Lankan, & German Government Volunteering Partners in Education

We are proud to be partnered with the German government volunteering programme that places German young people with us to teach and coach German in government schools, and to run holiday clubs in December, April,& August for Sri Lankan pupils.

You will support teachers, run clubs, and provide learning opportunities for Sri Lankans to become acquainted with German before they begin to learn the language in school from age 14

How you'll teach German

Through games, conversation, arts and crafts, sports, and in the classroom.

Where you'll teach German

You can teach:

  • in secondary Schools during class time
  • in after school clubs,
  • in holiday clubs
  • You can also teach English
  • You can also volunteer in villages 


Where is German taught in Sri Lanka? 

German is a popular subject, which along with French, is an option pupils take at age 14

 In Anuradhapura, German is taught in 4 schools, and in 9 throughout the province.


Your teaching and coaching of the children through German will help to bring the language alive for them, making it more enjoyable, practical, and significantly increasing the pupils' chances of exam success. This, along with the English they learn, will create increased opportunities for employment, and university entrance.


Our support for you will enable you to enjoy and make the most of this project, whatever your  teaching experience,

  • Aged 18+
  • 2 week minimum placement

  • for non-native German language speakers, to be studying German at A Level, or degree level

  • To be a first, or native Language German speaker

  • To have a good command of English (not only to get by in the schools, but to provide more opportunities for you to volunteer)

TESOL / TEFL Training Opportunity

  • As an education company we offer TESOL / TEFL courses, which we can support you to learn, and help train you to become a competent teacher of English globally, to enable you to work and travel - and improve your German teaching ability. Find out more about doing your TESOL / TEFL with Give A Fig Volunteering,  


This Project is located in the Anuradhapura area,



Individuals and groups


Participants benefiting from this placement include:

  • German speakers

  • German learners

  • University students studying German

  • German language gap year students

  • Trainee teachers

  • Teach First

  • Education MA / PhD students interested in studying education in the developing world.

  • Teachers wishing to move into international education

  • TEFL / TESOL teachers in need of further experience

  • Teachers, and retired teachers

  • Art / photography / crafts / handiwork skills

  • those interested in teaching / cultures / overseas work with a non-profit and an NGO /  

  • Those wanting a unique, safe, and well structured community experience