On behalf of the government of Sri Lanka, Give A Fig Volunteering are promoting and arranging 10 day youth exchanges between Sri Lankan youth, and the youth of other countries.

The reciprocal exchanges (see details below) offer participants the opportunity to visit each others countries, experience each others culture and hospitality, and participate in a range of activities organised by the hosts.

These exchanges could suit universities, colleges, schools, and youth organisations

10 days


Age Groups:

There are 2 age groups for the youth exchanges:

  • 14-19 (including 16-19)
  • 18-29.

Each group consists of:

  • 1 Group Leader
  •  10 Youth


The accommodation is in a block at a Sri Lankan government property in Colombo, consisting of private air conditioned rooms. 



The in-country costs are borne by the hosts:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Transport to all activities
  • The activities
  • Meals,

Costs borne by the guests:

  • Flights
  • Necessary visas
  • Necessary inoculations
  • GAFV administration and management per person charge                 (Part waived should your group participate on a Give A Fig Volunteering programme in Sri Lanka, before or after your participation on the Youth Exchange)

Give A Fig will:

Support you with:

  • Selecting Flights to Sri Lanka
  • Selecting and obtaining visas for Sri Lanka
  • Advising on your programme in Sri Lanka
  • Maintaining contact with you and support for you in Sri Lanka whilst guests of the government.
  • Advising you on a host programme
  • Advising you on host accommodation
  • Supporting the Sri Lankan youth to obtain visas to visit your country