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Pricing at a glance

Additional costs

Loyalty benefits


Individual Volunteering

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Ghana £799 (1 or 2 week

Ghana £899 (3 or 4 wks)

Kenya £799 (1 or 2 wks)

Kenya £899 (3 or 4 wks)

Lebanon (Coming soon)

Sri Lanka £649 (1 to 4 wks)

Sri Lanka free volunteering

(see Myanmar TEFL)

South Africa £899 (1 or 2 wks)

South Africa £999 (3 or 4 wks)

TEFL Volunteering

300 TEFL 300.JPG

Myanmar TEFL

Train and teach £749 (1 to 4 wks)

£1199 (5 to 8 wks)

Includes 120 Hr Accredited TEFL course cost £145

and 4 consecutive weeks free Sri Lanka TEFL volunteering

TEFL Qualified £599 (4 wks)

£1099 (8 wks)

includes 4 consecutive weeks Sri Lanka free TEFL volunteering

Professional’s Volunteering

(e.g. agriculturalists, vets, Drs, nurses, teachers, social workers, brick layers, carpenters etc)

Sri Lanka £599 (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks)

Other places £699 (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks)

Medical Electives

Dentistry Electives

Ghana £1,099 (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks)

(Community Focus)

Kenya £1,099 (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks)

(Hospital Focus)

Youth and School Group Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Youth and School Group Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Youth or School Group Volunteering (from age 14, 8 or more people)

1-to-2 weeks in Sri Lanka

from £699 per person

Additional Costs

  1. See country info for specifics

  2. Visas. (All countries)

  3. Visa application admin (Sri Lanka only [£30])

  4. Airport Transfers (Myanmar, South Africa, Sri Lanka only)

  5. Travel Insurance (to cover volunteering / medical placements / professional practice)

  6. Criminal Record Clearance Checks

  7. Flights

  8. Vaccinations, anti-malarials (see relevant health travel information)

  9. Daily transport costs whilst on the projects / placements, unless otherwise stated

  10. Food and accommodation away from the designated place of stay and food.

  11. ‘Donate and Do’ projects require additional funding e,g, for materials, tools, and local labour to support you on construction projects

  12. Those on medical projects and electives will need to bring materials: e.g. gloves, stethoscope, scrubs, etc.

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Loyalty Benefits

From £549 for 4 weeks

because we want you to come back!

  1. Join us on any 4 week project

2. Join us on a second 4 week volunteering project

Reduce £150 from the price on this page for Sri Lanka volunteering

or take off £100 if joining us in any other country

3. Apply to be a Project Leader in Sri Lanka

(4 weeks minimum service required)

(food, board, and local transport provided)

You must have previously volunteered in Sri Lanka on any of our projects there

4. Apply for a Volunteer Project Assessor post

(as available / 3-4 weeks minimum service required,

paid flights, food, board)


apply to be one of our NGO Managers, Sri Lanka

Join us for 1 year as a locally paid NGO Manager

(flights, visas, accommodation, food, transport, support and training provided)