Birthday Treat

I guess I can officially call myself a teacher now. I've had a couple of weeks teaching and I think I have already caught the vibe. I can see why so many people want to become teachers, it's satisfying knowing that young people are gaining a better understanding of a subject because of you. Although it's not been easy, I've had my fair few disruptions in lesson in which I've had to act like a teacher. It really rolled back the years for me and I remembered when I was on the other side of the classroom albeit a year ago.

I've also celebrated my birthday in Sri Lanka, it wasn't the booze filled custom that  I have grown so familiar to over the years but a really nice mellow day. One of the guest wrote a song for me and one of my classes sang happy birthday at the end of lesson. I guess now that I'm older it's the small things in life that I need to appreciate.