This ‘donate and do’ project brings sanitation to schools, community centres, and villages

Volunteer with Confidence

Paint Schools, build toilets, lay water pipes

Project Background

In the villages we work with, 10% of households have no constructed toilets in their home, and all live close to tanks (constructed reservoirs), which poses a health risk to the community. Many schools have inadequate toilet facilities (one school with 800 children and 50 staff had 2 staff toilets and 4 pupil toilets), and local community centres (pre-schools, meeting halls) often have no constructed toilet facilities.

Schools and community centres require painting, and murals can be painted to brighten up the community.

As a ‘donate and do; project, you will donate the funds to the NGO we have established. The money will be spent in its entirety on your project.

This project can be linked with any other project.

We also work with children’s centres where we teach English, and one in particular requires significant renovation, should your group be interested in carrying out part of the project.

You can carry out this project as an individual, a pair, or a group. Construction projects will be carried out with the support pf local workers.

Donate and Do

The donated money will cover all that is included in the costs factors.

Cost Factors include: local building plans, local building permission, skilled masons, labourers, stone for the foundation, chippings, cement, mechanical diggers (JCBs), cement pipes for the waste, plastic pipes for plumbing, squat toilet, western toilet, tiles, bricks, sand, cement, roofing materials, lunches for the labourers and yourselves.

The Cost: Rates fluctuate, with the price of labour, materials, etc. You will be presented with a breakdown of costs at the end so that you can see where you money has gone.

A single toilet for a house can cost approx. £800, a double toilet for a community centre, about £1300, and a triple or quadruple toilet for a school, £1,500 - £1,750.

To put these costs into perspective, the average household income of the villagers that we work with is £50 pcm. To build a toilet in a garden costs a year’s wages,

How long does it take to build a toilet?

If you want to see a toilet built in a week, then we will need to have dug and fitted the cess pit, and laid the foundations prior to your arrival. Otherwise we need to allow 6-8 days (some consecutive). The foundations and cess pit will be dug out prior to your arrival, (but not fitted or laid) or on the day after you arrive with a mechanical digger. We also need to allow cement, concrete, and render to dry between build stages.

Link Projects.

In order to ensure that you gain a full volunteering experience, we recommend that you link with a teaching, or agricultural project.

Groups could also plan in tours, safaris, and hikes between build stages.

Apply today for your own unforgettable experience and to use your skills to help others.

What to expect as a volunteer in Sri Lanka

Airport transfer to our HQ on arrival is included, and if you land early and want us to organise you seeing some of Sri Lanka, or volunteer with turtles before joining us (or on leaving us), we can arrange that with you at an additional cost.

Volunteers are asked to arrive at our HQ ready to begin this project at 09:00 Saturday morning for orientation, which includes an introduction to teaching and learning in Sri Lanka the basics of leading the class, and engaging the children through activities, .

Over the weekend we will also familiarise you with the culture, area, and the places you’ll be volunteering at.

We will accompany you to your placements when you first go there, and once you are comfortable, we will leave you to enjoy the project.

You will get to the placement by foot, or cycle (free), public bus (very cheap), or tuk tuk (cheap) - which is part of the volunteering time of 5-8 hours.

We will provide you with 4 T shirts, which you need to wear at the projects.

Free time (journeys to the beach, tours, safaris, festivals) we will help you plan or plan for you.

The accommodation is spacious, and the food varied and excellent!

Your typical day

Planned 2-3 sessions of 90 to 120 minutes each, punctuated by breaks.

The precise timing will depend on where we are holding the holiday clubs, and arrangements for food.

Your impact

For the people of Sri Lanka, learning English is vital to securing employment.

As a volunteer, you will have a life-changing impact on the growth and confidence of the children you teach, and the opportunity to help improve the English skills of their teachers, who will go on to help hundreds more attain the futures they deserve.

Quick Info


Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Min/Max Volunteering Period

Minimum 1 week.

Project Time Line

All Year

Project Days

You will volunteer 4 or 5 consecutive days each week, Monday to Saturday.

Perfect For

All who want to make a practical difference to people’s lives

Youth groups


team building


affordable volunteering, priceless opportunities

this is a ‘Donate and Do’ project

Number of Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Total Price £649 £649 £649 £649 £769 £889 £1009 £1129 £1249 £1369 £1489 £1609

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