2016 Donations: Total £2,875

2016 Knights Youth Centre, Brixton, London, Donated £1,200 for building improvement and toilet building when they joined us on their #Raisin'SriLanka infrastructure project Thank you

2016 Anonymous Individual Donations, £395. Thank you

2016 along with countless hours of free teaching and management, Give A Fig donated £1,280.


* Indicates Total Donations, as well as the projects donations have been made to.

Thank you for visiting our Donations Page, and a big thank you to those who have already donated and are making a difference in Sri Lanka..

Your donations will have a huge impact on people's lives, and once our target sums are reached for each project / unit,, we'll begin the build, or recruit staff, or donate equipment, and plant trees.

100% of the money we receive from your donation is spent in Sri Lanka, changing lives, and giving people choices


Are you already a donor, or a prospective donor organisation?

We invite you to visit us to see where your generous donation is spent

We are proud of our work, and our transparency.

If you are a donor, or an official representative of an organisation or Student RAG considering donating to the education, development, and conservation causes we support, we invite you to visit us in Sri Lanka.

If you have donated between £100 - £250 in the 12 months prior to your visit, we will host you for 1 night gratis, and show you where and how your donation is spent (Excludes hosting for the turtle sanctuary, but we will meet and take you there)

If you have donated £251 or more in the 12 months prior to your visit, any point,or are, or are representing an organisation who may wish to donate to our causes, we will host you for 3 nights gratis, and we'll take you to see how we do, have,or will spend your generous donations.

If you have donated over £1,500 in the 12 months prior to your visit, we will host you gratis for 7 days, and of course, take you to visit our projects to see where and how your donation is spent.

Donate over £10,000, and we'll host you for a month gratis to enjoy volunteering with us. 

Please Contact Us to arrange a Donor Visit


 Donate to our Community Initiated Projects

Build a Toilet

Provide each village household with a toilet. A sure way to improve health.

Find out more

Turtle Sanctuary

Support the turtle sanctuary and hatchery, set up by the fishermen in their village. 

Find out more

Yoga - Coming Soon

Village community hall

Build, a village school / community centre for vital preschool and English teaching.


Angam Pora - Coming Soon

tree Planting

Join the citizen movement to reforest Sri Lanka, and help plant 84,000 trees this year.


Meditation - Coming Soon

Conservation Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s flora and fauna is under pressure, and under threat. We support conservation in all we do.


Water Project

Project Description


Padi Diving

Orange Trees

We are helping to ease the human / animal conflict that takes place on the ark that is Sri Lanka.


Pay a Teacher's Wage

Project Description



A'pura's street dogs

Work with us to provide a medicines, and a dog rescue, rehoming, and hospital centre in Anuradhapura.


Support an Intern

Project Description



Providing Agro Wells

Agro wells help to ensure that farmers can more easily access water to grow a greater variety of crops.


preschool equipment

Project Description