Volunteer in this refugia for Africa’s unique tropical rain forest wildlife in Kenya. Play a part in conserving the lungs of the planet, and making others aware of the importance of it to the wildlife, Africa, and humanity.

Project Background

The Kakamega Forest is a mid-altitude tropical rainforest - Kenya’s only one - and a remnant of the one that once spanned Africa, and is the easternmost part of the Congo Basin forests. It is a habitat for many species found nowhere else in Kenya. The forest lies in the Lake Victoria catchment, about 40 km north of Kisumu, and just east of the Nandi Escarpment that forms the edge of the central highlands. Rainfall is approximately 2,001 mm per year, decreasing from south to north, and is declining, said to be the result of deforestation.

Find out more about the reserve at http://www.kws.go.ke/content/kakamega-forest-national-reserve / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakamega_Forest

What to Expect Volunteering in Kenya

A warm welcome to begin with at the airport, where a transfer takes you to the NGO’s HQ in Nairobi, and to rest. Orientation begin in the morning and will cover everything you need to know about your project placement. This will include an introduction to Kenya, local customs, language training, and cultural expectations. You will also learn about, safety, travel opportunities in Kenya, and an introduction to your project and placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers. Once orientation is complete, volunteers will travel to the project with two staff from the NGO and meet other local volunteers at the project site.

What Volunteers Typically Do

Volunteers help develop, and protect the natural resources of the forest to benefit the environment and heritage protection.

Volunteers from different countries and backgrounds live together and participate in a work programme during which time they will receive training from professionals in stonework, restoration and consolidation.

Volunteers take part in a variety of activities depending on the time of year: tree nursery projects, butterfly farming school outreach programme, energy saving projects, fish farming and Bird Counting.

Your impact

Tropical rainforests are threatened and shrinking all over the world. Joining this project supports the local people to develop incomes that depend on the growth and protection of this unique area. Your work here also supports the increase of people’s awareness of the forest its importance in the crop cycle, and the interdependence of the forest’s flora and fauna and its uniqueness in Africa.

Your accommodation and Food on the project

Volunteers will stay in a homestay with a host family. Accommodation is simple, in keeping with local life. There is piped running water, and meals will be prepared by volunteers. Beds and Mattresses will be provided. Volunteers will need to bring a mosquito net, sleeping bag, a pillow, and water purifying tablets.

What will you need to Bring

Portable mosquito net, anti-malarials (seek medical advice), mosquito repellent, a sleeping bag, a pillow, water purifying tablets, portable first aid kit, walking boots, long sleeved shirts, long trousers.

Your Spare Time

Enjoy the local culture, visit local towns, visit lake Victoria, go on safari


Quick Info


Kakamega Forest Reserve, West Kenya, Africa

Min/Max Volunteering Period

Minimum 2 weeks

Maximum 26 weeks

Your Reference Letters

We are always delighted to write references for our alumni

Project Time Line

All Year

Project Days

You will volunteer 4 or 5 consecutive days each week. You may choose.

Your Fees

The fees you pay cover your airport transfer, orientation, food, board, transport, accommodation in a homestay, 24 hrs in country support

Perfect For

Anyone with an interest in wildlife, ecology, conservation, and the great outdoors.


Affordable volunteering, priceless opportunities

Number of Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Total Price £799 £799 £899 £899 £1019 £1139 £1259 £1379 £1499 £1619 £1739 £1859

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