This is an incredible opportunity to live and volunteer with the people and wildlife of the Maasai Mara

 Project Background

Maasai Mara, with its iconic Maasai people who maintain their traditional ways of life, is Kenya’s world famous wildlife reserve, a continuation of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park in the north. The park is named in honour of the Maasai people, and mara (maa) in their language means “spotted”, an apt description for the circles of trees, scrubs, savanna, and cloud shadows that mark the area. The Mara is globally famous for its exceptional population of lions, leopards and cheetah, and the annual Great Migration in July to October of zebra, Thomson’s gazelle and wildebeest.

The Maasai’s home straddles the border of Kenya and Tanzania, accounting for about 0.7 percent of the population in both countries. They speak Maa, a Nilotic language from the Nile region of North Africa where they originated. The Samburu tribe is closest to them in both language and culture, and it is with these two tribes that you will work, out of the wildlife, culture, conservation and education village centre, where volunteers will have the ultimate opportunity to explore, learn and interact with the Maasai community and their culture. The conservation area is managed according to a model that protects the delicate eco-system and benefits the landowners who are the Maasai people.

The important focus of the conservancy is livestock improvement through innovative cattle management programs, running alongside novel tourism projects.

What to Expect Volunteering in Kenya

A warm welcome to begin with at the airport, where a transfer takes you to your host families home. Orientations the following morning and will cover everything you need to know about your project placement. This will include an introduction to Kenya, local customs, language training, politics, health precautions, and cultural expectations. You will also learn about, safety, travel opportunities in Kenya. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers. You’ll spend the rest of the day getting to know your surroundings, and your host family.

What Volunteers Typically Do

  • Join scouts on patrol within the conservation area, day and night

  • Data collection

  • Monitoring wildlife movements

  • Control cattle grazing

  • Human movement control

  • Ensure upkeep of the conservancy

  • Community awareness on protecting the wild

  • Treatment and rescue of orphaned wild animals with collaboration with other stakeholder’s i.e WWF, Mara elephant project, community and others

  • Carry out joint patrols with rangers from neighbouring conservation areas within and outside neighbouring Mara conservancy.

  • Safari walks and game drives

  • Bird watching and recording

  • Educational support i.e. outreach programme to enrich formal education

  • Medical outreach services activities

  • Research programmes all around fields allowed but information generated may be shared with the conservancy.

  • Filming may be done on  the conservancy but all rights reserved courtesy of Oloisukut conservancy

  • Photo shooting on our scenic landscape that include wild animals, siria/oloololo escarpment, beautiful mega rocks hanging on escarpment, very beautiful bushes and forest and our pride, the Mara river that borders us with other conservancy.

  • We showcase the Maasai cultural activities, we sleep in a manyattas bomas (Maasai settlements),  learn beadwork, as well as our system of slaughtering meat, cooking and eating with medicinal herbs (orpul - a community based medicinal and healing practice), and Maasai  dance and  so on.

Your accommodation and Food on the project

Volunteers will stay in a homestay with a host family. Accommodation is simple, in keeping with local life. There is piped running water, and meals will be prepared by volunteers. Beds and Mattresses will be provided. Volunteers will need to bring a mosquito net, sleeping bag, a pillow, and water purifying tablets.

Your Free Time

This will provide opportunities for international volunteers to learn/enjoy local life, explore the Maasai Mara National Game Reserve, the beautiful savannah, and the wildlife - giraffes can be seen as well as scavengers such as hyena and vulture. Take a guided safari on a weekend trip deeper into the Maasai Mara to spot lions, gazelles, and water bucks. Go to Lake Victoria, Nairobi and Mombassa.

Quick Info


The project is located on the fringes on the Maasai Mara National Park

Min/Max Volunteering Period

Minimum 12 weeks

Maximum 52 weeks

Your Reference Letters

We are always delighted to write references for our alumni

Project Time Line

All Year

Project Days

You will volunteer 4 or 5 consecutive days each week,

Perfect For

Those interested in:

  • supporting communities

  • conservation

  • wildlife

  • the outdoors

  • other cultures and communities

  • conservation education


Affordable volunteering, priceless opportunities

Number of Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Total Price £799 £799 £899 £899 £1019 £1139 £1259 £1379 £1499 £1619 £1739 £1859

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