Gain valuable experience volunteering in a provincial general hospital and satellites hospitals in western Kenya. A range of opportunities for first hand experience in a variety of fields of medicine, and nursing, as well as community health promotion.

Project Background

Your medical elective takes place in a 400+ bed, and 80 cot Provincial General Hospital (PGA) in a town in western Kenya. The PGA receives referrals from smaller rural and urban satellite hospitals, which depending on your time on the project, you could carry out part of your elective at.

This PGA is an approved hospital for practice of students pursuing medical courses in Kenya, and also the internship of medical students in Kenya who graduate from their respective courses.

What to Expect Volunteering in Kenya

A warm welcome to begin with at the airport, where a transfer takes you to the NGO’s HQ in Nairobi, and to rest. Orientation begin the following morning and will cover everything you need to know about your project placement. This will include an introduction to Kenya, local customs, language training, and cultural expectations. You will also learn about, safety, travel opportunities in Kenya, and an introduction to your project and placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers. Once orientation is complete, volunteers will travel to the project with staff from the NGO and meet other local volunteers at the project site.

The Volunteer Setting

Electives engage with different target groups within the communities and the hospitals. Roles could include involvement with:

  1. explaining to the community about TB as a social problem; working with local medical doctors to support the health system, and attending to patients with TB, HIV/AIDs.

  2. Attending to pregnant mothers in the clinic/family planning; giving children injections. weighing them, and preparing samples for laboratory services. There are also out-patient services - immunization for children under five years, family planning, HIV/AIDS guidance and counselling.

  3. The ten medical and surgical wards in the hospital manage medical and surgical conditions of in-patients such as: diabetes, malaria, typhoid, fractures, cuts.

  4. You will assist doctors, nurses, and medical staff examining and treating the patients, as well as record keeping, and booking patients in.

  5. You could take part in educating patients on the importance of sanitation, nutrition, and diet.

Your accommodation and Food on the project

Volunteers will stay in a homestay with a host family, or a local guest house. Accommodation is simple, in keeping with local life. Electricity and internet is available. There is piped running water. Meals will be prepared by volunteers. Beds and Mattresses will be provided. Volunteers will need to bring a mosquito net, sleeping bag, a pillow, and water purifying tablets.

Your Free Time

Truly unique life changing experience called “out of this world”. You won’t be the same person afterwards. This will provide opportunities for international volunteers to learn/ enjoy local life and exchange with local people, making a while experience life through the eyes of the locals and exploring the great seven wonders of Maasai Mara National Game Reserve. Volunteers will enjoy the beautiful savannah. Numerous plains games including antelopes, wild beasts, Zebras, Maasai giraffes can be seen as well as scavengers like hyena and vulture. Take a guided safari on a weekend trip deeper into the Maasai Mara to spot lions, gazelles and water bucks.

Quick Info


In a provincial general hospital approximately 360KM west of Nairobi

Min/Max Volunteering Period

Minimum 2 weeks

Maximum 26 weeks

Your Reference Letters

We are always delighted to write references for our alumni

Project Time Line

All Year

Project Days

You will volunteer 4 or 5 consecutive days each week,

Perfect For

  • English speakers

  • Medical students, all disciplines

  • Nursing Students


 Price per week

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
£999 £999 £1,099 £1,099 £1,139 £1,139 £1,259 £1,379 £1,499 £1,619 £1,739 £1,859

To begin your volunteering journey