Myanmar Overview

Our volunteering placements in Myanmar are offered with a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) in Mawlamyine, who we were asked if we’d like to partner through the chief monk of the Myanmar Buddhist Temple in Anuradhapura with whom Jane and Paul had been friends since beginning their work in Sri Lanka in 2015. In the Summer of 2019 Jane and Paul spent two weeks in Myanmar looking at the project and the country, and in September 2019, two other projects are beginning that have been inspired to be set up through meeting with us.

Myanmar is a beautiful country; both naturally, as well as it’s village architecture and its rich cultural sites. The people are friendly, and generous, and the way of life in the villages would appear to be as it has for centuries - except for the motorbikes. Yangon is a thriving bustling city and the food, whether from the restaurants, or the streets is excellent. In Mawlamyine, the river front has some great selections of street food stalls to try and you can sit at the table, and wash your food selection down with a cold beer. At present, most houses in the countryside are still built of wood and bamboo, which is changing, not, we are told, to keep up with the fashion of building with brick and cement in the towns, but because deforestation and monoculture means that as the raw materials become scarcer, bricks and cement become the cheaper home building option.

For those used to travelling in SE Asia, the roads are safe, drivers sensible, and the inter-city coaches cheap and first rate. Outside Yangon going east, the roads between towns are almost empty.

In Mawlamyine, the project we will be supporting has been operating for 10 years, training young people from villages over six months in business and project management, as well as ICT, and English. We spoke with some of the alumni of the programme whilst there, and they were really keen to develop what they had learnt to make changes in their villages in matters of public health and conservation. We also spent a great deal of time with monks, and some of the monasteries are playing a big role in conservation - even if unplanned. Like Thailand, the country has little wildlife remaining, it having been eaten for food, and possibly declining due to agricultural practices as globally. In the monasteries, turtles - that we saw nowhere else - swim in the ponds, and birds roost in trees. In Myanmar, our projects will support the training of young people and women to make a difference in their villages, teach English to them, as well as in the government schools, and to monks who have become the custodians of our natural heritage.

Volunteers will need to be aware of their government’s travel advice , which includes health advice, and vaccine recommendations:


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Volunteers will stay in a homestay in Mawlamyine and experience the marvellous hospitality of Myanmar..


Our Goals in Myanmar


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  1. equip people to be agents of change 

  2. create educational opportunities that reduce illiteracy, and rural poverty

  3. empower families to grow incomes and end child labour

  4. raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention 

  5. promote gender equality 

  6. ensure that children have their basic needs for food, shelter, education, health and psychology, and family met


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