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Our Story

In November 2017, our Sri Lankan NGO was registered in Colombo, which came about through the support of local people and institutions we had and have been working with as Give A Fig Volunteering, This was in recognition of the transparency of our work and commitment to them.

The Officers of Give A Fig NGO

Our President is Priyantha Rathnayake, who has been an amazing support and advisor to Give A Fig Volunteering. The General Secretary is Paul Ellmes, and the Treasurer is Tracey Deane.


Village Development Projects

Join The Village Experience

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For Income Growing, Community Strengthening, & Financial Independence

GAFV NGO, with Fig and Gecko,  offer Village Experiences for tourists to discover Sri Lanka, in the villages in which Give A Fig Volunteering are working. Your stay in the village creates incomes, thereby enabling the mothers, and the fathers to remain in their villages rather than have to migrate to towns for work. Find out More.