Projects Overview

Each of our volunteering project opportunities are carried out with the Sri Lankan government, are locally initiated, operate to high standards of planning and support, and may be tailored to your requirements.

For Groups of 5 or More

Projects suited to groups of 5 or more people have the code 5-PLUS

For Individual & Groups of 2, 3 or 4

Projects suited to groups of 1 - 4 people have the code 1-to-4

2 - 12 Week Education Projects

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Teach English:

In Pre-schools, government schools, monks' schools, in Children's Homes, & in college to unemployed youth

Group Size: 1-to-4 / 5-PLUS

Ideal for all who enjoy working with children and young adults



Dienen als Freiwillige und unterrichten Deutsch im Sri Lanka

In schools, and Holiday Clubs

Group Size: 1-to-4

Ideal for native German Speakers and those studying German, and those with good English skills



Coach sports / Art

In  schools, children's homes, & villages

Group Size: 1-to-4

Ideal for those who enjoy helping others to explore the world and develop their skills through activities


13  - 52 Week Education Projects

Thinking of joining us for 12 weeks or more?

view our Internships page for options on joining us

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These longer term projects are ideal for those wanting to spend time in one place, boost their CV, explore a culture and a country, and make a difference.

Ideal for retired teachers, br those wanting to begin teaching, or become TEFL qualified

Group Size: 1-to-4

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Plan and Run Holiday Language  & Activity Clubs

GapYear Reading.JPG

Holiday Clubs Run each April, August, and December

Group Size: 5-PLUS

This Project is Ideal for Groups of 5 or more who wish to volunteer during school or university holidays


Young Leaders Training

Ideal for Youth Workers & Youth Clubs

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Build and Paint

Build, toilets, community halls, renovate buildings, and decorate Classrooms

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website GAFV turtle.jpg

benefits of volunteering on our community initiated projects:

  • You'll be making a real difference in people's lives
  • You'll be contributing to the progress they want to achieve
  • You'll be involved on professionally planned projects, partnered with the Sri Lankan government.
  • You'll be actively supporting conservation
  • Volunteering abroad can have a real and lasting difference in your own life
  • You'll enhance your CV
  • you'll learn new skills 

Volunteering is also an incredibly cost effective way of:

  • seeing more of the world,
  • adventuring safely
  • develop your career
  • Take a Career Break
  • being fully supported in Sri Lanka 

Project Itineraries

Volunteering Days, & Free Time

  • 4-day volunteering week (which everyone says is perfect)
  • 4 consecutive days on, 3 consecutive days off
  • 6 – 8 hours on placement (inclusive of breaks and travel to / from and between projects).
  • Projects operate year round
  • Projects are from 1 week (turtle project) to 52 weeks.

Thanks for giving a fig and your interest in Sri Lanka volunteering


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