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Sports / Arts / Drama Coaching

People of all ages learn best through doing, no less when learning English through activities, drama, and sports, The activities not only develop skills, and new ideas, but also puts language into an immediate, enjoyable, and practical context, which makes it more memorable.

To help you to deliver these activities to children, you will need to complete a 20 hour TESOL course (we recommend one through Teach Global English [TGE], whom we are partnered with) to familiarise yourself with the grammar terms taught in the schools here in Sri Lanka (essentially, TEFL English). We will work with you to ensure that the language you will use to coach is delivered in patterns that aid the learners' understanding, their practical use of the language, and knowledge building.

You will be able to deliver your coaching in schools, as well as in orphanages, and in village settings. 

Depending upon the length of time you wish to volunteer with us, we may recommend linking this project with others, which could include:

  • a conservation project
  • as part of another teaching project
  • as part of an infrastructure project


The ability to use English as a living language, is something that few people in the area of Sri Lanka in which we work benefit from. This is due both to their being in a largely rural setting, which limits the numbers of teachers who wish to work outside urban areas, as well as fewer opportunities to mix with Sri Lankans, or others who themselves speak English. Your willingness to work with students and bring the language alive for them will give them opportunities for employment and development that they would not otherwise have.


In and around Anuradhapura.

Also at the west coast Turtle Village Project.


This is suitable for:

  • individuals
  • pairs
  • small groups up to 4


those interested in:

  • getting involved with Sri Lankan society
  • exploring Sri Lankan culture
  • those interested in overseas development
  • using their skills in the arts, or sports coaching skills in a practical context
  • a career in education
  • a career with non-profits, and NGOs
  • a career in social work. 

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