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TESOL in Sri Lanka


We have teamed up with Teach Global English to offer you accredited 20 - 250 hour online TESOL courses to enable you to make the most of your teaching experiences here. We will happily talk you through each TESOL course, and will make suggestions to you based upon the projects you wish to do, what you hope to gain from the project, and your possible future plans.

Your Foundation For Teaching and world travel

Whether you want to develop your skills, increase your confidence, improve your English, or travel the world, a TEFL qualification can certainly help you achieve all of these.

Our accredited TESOL qualifications offer a range of levels and hours designed to meet all of these requirements. They are excellent value for money, and when you sign up through GAFV, you get 10% off with our code. These may be done, at home, and whilst you are with us - and of course, you'll be fully supported by Global English professionals - and us.

Our Education Partners

Alongside our Sri Lankan government partners, Give A Fig Volunteering (GAFV) provide our ACTDEC accredited TESOL courses through Global English (GE)thereby equipping you, our volunteers, for your placement,

We work with GE as they are fully supportive of you and us, and offer a wide range of courses at affordable prices. If you don't have the time to do a CELTA, or an EDI TEFL (typically 4 weeks,full time; part time over 8 weekends and online learning) or the money (£1,000 plus), nor are you located where they train people, then the best form of TEFL/TESOL certification is gained online. Joining us means that you also gain incredible practical experience, which looks great on any CV - and which can be certificated too.

We are also Elmdene British Academy, a Sri lankan registered English language provider, based in Anuradhapura, offering a vital service as we are the only language academy outside of Colombo providing language instruction through native language speakers. GAFV therefore teach on special language programmes, and regularly teach on university programmes, to journalists, and to monks in the Sacred City. We also  teach in may other places - which along with what we have already mentioned, is gratis or for which we accept token payment.  which you can find out about on our project pages.

TESOL Courses for our Education Projects

If you do not hold an English teaching certificate of some sort, that's no problem. We are happy to welcome you on our education projects, train you, and support you, which these courses will help you to do.


The 20 Hour Essential English Grammar Course

Teaching and coaching is fantastic fun, and the children, students, and their teachers really will appreciate your efforts. This course will give you the background in English grammar to make the most of your time in the classrooms. We pick up language through listening and speaking - informally - but the people here learn the grammar, but most fail to develop good English speaking skills.

For Education placements up to 4 weeks, if you do not hold an English teaching certificate of at least 20 hours, you will need to complete this 20 Hour Essential Grammar Course.

The course does what it says on the tin, and will give us at Give A Fig, and EBA a good foundation to support you, and help build your skills upon.

Check out the 20 Hour Essential English Grammar Course.


Level 3: 120 Hours

Having a certificate in TEFL / TESOL is a great ticket to see the world, and with some language colleges now stating that teachers it signs up must have a 120 hour TESOL Certificate as a minimum; this is a popular choice for those wishing to teach English as a foreign language – as a career, or simply to see more of the world.

We encourage everyone joining us from 5 - 12 weeks to take this course, and learn 'on the job'.

We expect everyone joining us for 13 weeks or take this course

Another reason we recommend this Level 3 course is because you can take an upgrade course at some point in the future, to earn yourself a 250 hour Level 5 Course

Check out the 120 Hour Level 3 TEFL Premier course




Level 5, 250 Hour Advanced course

We encourage everyone joining us for over 12 weeks - or those who think they may want to have a TEFL qualification - to take this course, learn 'on the job', and with the certificate of successful completion, our references, move on to employment.

Teaching and coaching English with us will also give you the practical experience necessary to hone or develop skills, which will support your applications to language schools to teach English around the world. 

This course is usually £395, but often has 20% off. You will also get 10% off at checkout with our code 'GAFV'.

Check out the  250 Hour Level 5 Advanced TESOL course