Develop ability, create opportunity, champion ecological sustainability, and promote people’s economic independence.

                             OUR ETHOS:

To work for the best outcomes for each person and community, and for the ecology of the world around them.

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Could you be our 2019

Sri Lanka Development Coordinator?

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Meet the Team


Tracey Jane Deane BA Fashion; PGCE; MA Ed Leadership; TEFL Cert.

Jane, a founding director of GAFV, is passionate about education as well as supporting communities through developing their industry, and enhancing women’s earning capacity through marketing their skills. She is a graduate tailor of Savile Row, and owned her own fashion label and company in Germany for 10 years in the 90s before attending Central St Martin’s, London. There she won the Motorola Young Designer of the Year Award, and went on to become a teacher and educational manager in schools in the UK for 12 years. Travelling the world with her husband Paul she realised that Sri Lanka ticked all of the boxes for her interests, and that the people wanted us to work with them to support their development. Jane and Paul established an education company here in 2014, and to support the work they have been asked to do in education, founded Give a Fig Volunteering. Jane is also studying an MA by distance learning and as an educational company, we are all set up in Sri Lanka to support you with any studies you may have too – whether your TEFL certification, or anything else.


Paul Ellmes BA His/RE; PGCE; MA SEN; Cert TEFL

Paul, with Jane, is a founding director of Give A Fig Volunteering, and both are resident in Sri Lanka. We are on hand to ensure that your placement is fully supported, enabling both you and our Sri Lankan hosts to get the most from your work on the project.

For the past 20 years Paul has worked as a teacher and manager in UK schools, a deputy head teacher of a school in Spain, and a head teacher of a secondary school in Kuwait. He has advised on education, special educational needs, and teaching English as a second language. His interests lie in the transforming power of education, social and economic justice, ecology, the natural world, as well as history and historical heritage.


Priyantha Rathnayake BSc Econ; PGD Community Development; MA Soc.

Village and Community Development Advisor

Give A Fig are very fortunate to have Priyantha as one of the advisors on our team.  His 18 years’ experience in this area in Sri Lanka have seen him planning, preparing, coordinating and delivering development in over 3000 Sri Lankan villages and communities in both urban and rural areas.

He has previously advised NGOs, the World Bank, Mercy Corps, and the Red Cross, local, provincial and national politicians and government ministries, and his input for our development projects is valued and respected by the communities he supports us with.

Priyantha has led on flood and drainage management, infrastructure development including the building of roads, culverts, bridges, Multi-purpose buildings, the renovation of irrigation tanks and canals, construction of agro wells etc., pipe borne water supply schemes, institutional water supply schemes for schools, hospitals, and places of worship, the construction of sanitary toilets, as well as conducting hygiene promotion programmes and implementing livelihood development programmes.

His work continues for Sri Lanka as a specialist advising and planning at the highest levels of government and with the World Bank on the Megalopolis Project – aimed at improving the infrastructure of Colombo for the 21st century – a role he undertakes whilst also advising on village development with Give A Fig!

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Travis  Spring Coordinator 2018

Travis joined us in the Spring of 2018, volunteering with us for 3 months. He’d previously joined us on a project in 2016 as a youth leader with a youth group, and he enjoyed himself so much that he came back after completing his degree at the Royal Agricultural College, He supported us by teaching on projects, being a very sociable presence in the Fig and Gecko Hostel (our HQ and volunteers’ accommodation), as many reviews by travellers testify. He also researched funding for us as an NGO, and contacted organisations overseas in order to set up partnerships. Travis left us to take up a job in the UK, and we know that his experience with us played a part in that success.

If you’d like to join us as a member of the team for a few months, drop us a line, and let us know what you could do for us. In return, you’ll get accommodation, food, Depending upon how long you stay, visas and flights will be repaid, We also give you holiday time, as well as a working month of 18/28 days. In return, we are looking for someone who works without supervision, and like us, is motivated to make a difference in the world for the better.

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Joel, Summer Project Coordinator 2017:

Joel, 26,, was, at the time, a social media writer for a large company in the UK, learning Spanish and studying a degree in linguistics. He joined us for the Summer as our Project Coordinator, and did a fantastic job teaching - and supporting the volunteers. He also did an amazing job with DIY around our Fig and Gecko Hostel. When you join us as volunteers you can be assured of our full support. If you are thinking of a 'workaway' style experience in Sri Lanka (who wouldn't), or you'd like to join us for an extended period, teaching and carrying out other support work for our non-profit, please contact us. We're always willing to chat. To find out more, message us through our Facebook page, or Contact Us.