Play a part in the survival of the 5 sea turtle species laying eggs on Colombo’s beaches.

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Sea Turtle Conservation Sri Lanka

Project Background

The turtle hatchery and sanctuary was set up by a local fisherman in 2004 to look after the many injured turtles he found in nets at sea. Local hoteliers, the police, and navy began calling the sanctuary to collect the freshly laid turtle eggs, which are at continued risk of being dug up for food by dogs, lizards, and sadly, humans. The beaches are not simply at risk from the city; the impact of storms since 2015 have led to the loss of thousands of square metres of turtle nesting beach along the coast.

Your Typical Day

Arrive for breakfast, clean the beach, collect the turtles’ food.

You will provide daily care for injured turtles, and between October and March, will be involved in egg collection and reburial, hatchling release, and speaking with tourists.

You can also help clean, and build the infrastructure of the sanctuary.

You’ll also be able to enjoy BBQs on the beach, swimming in the sea (October to March), and visits around the city.

If you choose to volunteer for more than a few days, and if you’d like to, you can teach English to the children of the village, which will increase their opportunities to widen their income sources. You could also paint murals to help tourists, including locals, locate the hatchery.

This project is only available to those volunteering on our other Sri Lanka projects, and additional charges will apply.

What to expect on arrival

You can arrive in Sri Lanka on a day to suit yourself, arriving at our HQ in Anuradhapura ready to begin on the 1st or 3rd Saturday morning of a month.

Transfer from the airport by car or public bus is an additional charge, which we can arrange with you.

Saturday is orientation day, which will include an introduction to Sri Lankan culture, an introduction to the philosophy of teaching in schools, the style of teaching that children are used to, and the basics of teaching and managing a class. We’ll also show you around the area, and some of the places you’ll be teaching at.

Your impact

As a volunteer, what you do will have a huge impact, both in ensuring that the family are encouraged to carry on doing their vital work, and in providing labour that the hatchery cannot otherwise afford. In addition, the money you pay to volunteer goes directly to the upkeep of the sanctuary, the turtles, and a wage for the family who look after the sanctuary full time.

This unique project has ecology, education, lifting communities out of poverty, and economic self-determination at its core. Your work will actively support the preservation and study of turtles, as well as raise awareness of them and the sanctuary.

Quick Info


Colombo, Sri Lanka

This project is located in a fishing village.

Min/Max Volunteering period

Minimum: 2 days

Maximum 14 days


This project is located on one of Colombo’s sandy beaches. There are great beach bars nearby, some good restaurants, a train station, public buses, and tuk tuks.

Project Time Line

all year, but the egg laying and hatching months are October to March

Project Days

You will volunteer a 2-5 day week, depending on what suits you.

Perfect For

  • everyone.


affordable volunteering, priceless opportunities

This project is only available when selected with a main project - up to 14 days

Price Each Day £30
(includes breakfast and lunch) add accommodation & local transport

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