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Sri Lanka Overview

Said by Lonely Planet to be the world’s top travel destination for 2019, Sri Lanka will still be for years to come. It’s the ultimate location for volunteers, whether you’re part of a youth or school group, just left school, need a break during college just graduated, or a working profession. We offer affordable volunteering projects for £499 for 4 weeks. Teach German, French, or Japanese in schools, as well as English in schools, monasteries, villages, and in holiday clubs. This is where you can build toilets, bio-gas units, water supply facilities and support organic farming – all in wildlife rich, beautiful surroundings. If management is more your thing, there are opportunities to manage an NGO too! The possibilities in Sri Lanka are endless!

When you visit us in Sri Lanka, you’ll stay at our HQ in Anuradhapura, the Fig and Gecko, a renovated colonial house at the apex of the cultural triangle, and surrounded by wildlife. Sit in our gardens and watch the monkeys, hornbills, and giant squirrels in the trees, who are amongst our garden’s frequent visitors. We’ve been based in Anuradhapura since 2015, and we love the town, the tropical forests and paddy fields, and the elephants who sometimes emerge from the jungle close to us. Ancient ruins are located throughout the island, and we know them all – some of the best not being on the tourist routes and radar. Known as possibly the most religious country in the world, its 27 public holidays help to celebrate the different religious traditions, and the festivals are quite simply stunning and contribute to this vibrant culture. And of course, because we live and work with the people, our volunteers are always invited along.

If you think Sri Lanka sounds like the ideal spot for your volunteering, and an amazing adventure, you’d be right. We can assure you of a warm any time of the year, and amazing projects for you to take part in.


Our Projects in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Volunteering Projects and Placements

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Your Stay in Sri Lanka


Volunteers’ Accommodation

Volunteers stay at our own Fig and Gecko Hostel in Anuradhapura. The property is a large colonial home built in 1937, and also operates as our HQ for your convenience.

Check out where you’ll stay https://www.figandgecko.com

Turtle project volunteers will stay in hotel or hostel accommodation.


Our Goals in Sri Lanka


Give A Fig Volunteering offer university, government, NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation), and non-profit partnered projects. We began our own NGO to develop our work there, which your volunteering contributes to.

English is commonly used in Sri Lankan businesses, the tourist industry, and government. The language skills we teach give students of all ages the ability to improve their opportunities. We support rural development by improving water supplies and the availability of toilets. We use organic agricultural practices to increase incomes and support Sri Lanka’s rich natural environment.

Help us achieve our goals by:

  • Developing and promoting cross-cultural appreciation.

  • Understanding that we are all the same and what happens in our world impacts everyone.

  • Becoming informed global citizens and raising awareness of different cultures and environments.

  • Actively supporting and campaigning for policies that increase human security, celebrate diversity, and protect our amazing planet.

  • Equip yourself and others to become agents of change.

  • Offer enhanced English / language learning opportunities to increase employability and life-choices.

  • Empower families to improve their living conditions, reducing the need for parental migration and the number of abandoned children.

  • Promoting gender equality.

  • Supporting the development of modern organic agricultural practices.

  • Sponsoring young people from local low-income families to attend college and receive additional support at our HQ and Fig and Gecko hostel.


What you need to know


Travelling to a foreign country can be a daunting prospect. Don’t worry, we’re here to help make sure your adventure runs smoothly. We’ve got all the information you need to know concerning currency, getting about, accommodation and more. And if there’s anything we haven’t covered, help is just an email away.


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