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We’re recruiting a National Development Coordinator.

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Could we be a match?

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Alice volunteered with us in Summer 2017, and is a student at University of Oxford

listen to her Audio Review at   http://www.giveafigvolunteering.com/reviews/

Government Partnered Education and Development Projects

  • The correct visas for volunteering in Sri Lanka (A Tourist Visa does not allow you to volunteer in Sri Lanka)

  • Volunteer with confidence - we give you 24 hour, 365 days, 360⁰ support in Sri Lanka.

  • UK Staff with you in Sri Lanka

  • No hidden costs, Affordable Volunteering: Priceless Opportunities

  • Take your TESOL Qualification with us, for fun, and for travel.

  • Our programmes are from 2 weeks - 1 year, from aged 16 - to over 60,

  • You'll stay with our staff in our own accommodation, the Fig and Gecko

About Us

Hi! We're Paul and Jane.

We pride ourselves in doing our best for you, so that you can do your best for the communities we work with.

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Volunteer Projects

Aged 16- 60? Join us for the adventure of a lifetime and make a real difference in Sri Lanka.

All our volunteering, which you'll love, is community initiated - from teaching English in schools and orphanages, to working with turtles, to building toilets. All in a day's volunteering!

As an education company, we have a unique position of trust in Sri Lanka, and our range of professionally planned and supported projects, can be tailored to suit your outcomes. Discover Our Projects

Sri Lanka

Because of our close working relationships with the Sri Lankan people & government, with Give A Fig Volunteering (& Give A Fig NGO), you'll experience this beautiful safe and incredible tropical island, its people, vibrant culture, festivals, and unique environment from within.

Featured Project:

 Dienst als freiwillige und unterrichtet Deutsch in Sri Lanka

Coach / Teach German in Sri Lankan Government Schools

Volunteer with Confidence:

Volunteer with confidence

Give A Fig are trusted Volunteering partners of :

Sri Lankan government, Education Department:

German Government Volunteering Programme Hosts. 

Join us from 2 -52 weeks, teaching German Language in government schools to pupils aged 14 - 19. Support these pupils who have chosen German as a subject, and their teachers.

Run German language clubs for those younger than 14, and run German language holiday clubs in December, April, and August.

We welcome as volunteers complete beginners to those who are retired teachers.


For more information about our other projects, visit our volunteering project page.

Volunteering Updates from Sri Lanka

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